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You can now buy snacks directly in the Mape app

From now on buying snacks at school canteen is easier and more convenient than ever – both for children and their parents.

Getting ready to use the snack card

  1. The child installs the Mape application on their mobile phone.
  2. The parent transfers money to the child’s app at When the payment is received, the balance corresponding to the amount is transferred to the child’s Mape app.

Using the snack card

  1. Choose a snack at the school canteen, and the staff states the price.
  2. Use the app to pay in view of the canteen staff. Set the amount to pay by scrolling the bars upwards.
  3. When desired payment is set and you are ready to make the payment, swipe the “PAY” arrow from left to right to confirm the payment.
  4. After confirmation purchase is complete if there is enough balance.
  5. Show the phone to the staff as proof of payment.

Adding a balance and using the snack card (PDF)

Using the snack card (PDF)